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12 February 2011 @ 04:03 pm
Application for aliunde_rpg  

Player Information
Name: Cal
Personal LJ: turkishplum
E-mail: arabyarn@gmail.com
AIM/Plurk/etc.: AIM; thisismypancake, Plurk; comafantasy
Time zone: PST
Other Characters: N/A
How did you find out about Aliunde? Heard about it for a while now, but was lured here though app-this-plz!

Character Information
Name: Denmark
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Timeline Summary: Since Hetalia is just a compilation of (sometimes, one shot) comics and the stories often don't flow into one another, it's hard to pinpoint an exact place to pick Denmark up from. But I'll say some time around when the new comic strips took place, such as the Halloween and Christmas specials. So he'll be pulled approximately around 2011.
Are you importing your character from another game? Yup! I'll be taking him from the game Abax.
Background: The actually history of Denmark and a APH bio link, also another short snippet from another wiki.

Personality: Where to start with this guy? Well first off, looking at Denmark's past and history it is pretty easy to tell what kind of personality he has. Denmark is probably most famous for having Vikings, who were known for exploring the world around them – and pillaging, attacking, and taking over others all the while, so as one would guess a lot of his characteristics are pulled from this era.

Denmark, unlike his Nordic counterparts, is considered to be a very vigorous character. He’s youthful, loud, and upbeat over all...to the point of being very annoying to others as well. Others have described Denmark to be overwhelming and overbearing at times making it hard to get along well with him 24/7. This very overly bearing attitude of Denmark’s also makes him come off as being a really pushy and just an outright bossy person, he has the tendency to usher others around and telling them what they should be doing rather than what they want. There was even a time in the past when he ruled over the other Scandinavian nations but they finally left because they couldn't take how over bearing he was anymore. This all ties into Denmark not being a very good listener, you can trying telling him something important and he’ll just shout back with something else completely unrelated to the topic. You can even insult or critic him and it’ll still go right pass his ears.

Besides his energetic attitude, one might also get the impression that he's a world class Viking by how he perceives himself. One time ruling over all the Scandinavian countries Denmark did (and still does) consider himself the "King of Northern Europe". So yes this does give off the impression that Denmark is very arrogant and proud of himself, there's not a room big enough to hold his entire ego. He thinks he's great so clearly it's okay for him to do anything and not have to possibly deal with the consequences....Denmark happens to be an extremely brash man, he's far from dumb, but he often doesn't think when he does something and can be considered impulsive. But hey, it's worked so far for him, right?

Denmark is also rather primitive when it comes to certain things, like when it comes to what he fights with and how he gets around. He prefers to fight with a giant war ax and still likes to travel in Viking boats. Not only that, his sense of humor is primitive as well, most of his jokes are rather rough around the edges and plain out rude which can lead him to getting hurt by someone if they're offended. Along with his primitiveness, Denmark is also a heavy drinker (and do I mean heavy). He can usually be seen with a glass of alcohol in his hands, more specifically beer, while chatting away to people and he’ll never pass up the opportunity to stop by a pub or bar to get more either. But looking at Denmark over all he is actually a good person at heart, he does care about people and doesn’t wish any serious harm on those close to him or even people he is neutral with, it’s only the ones he has a deep hatred for (and really there aren't a lot of those around as one would think).

Powers, Skills, and Abilities: As a nation Denmark, though doesn't have super strength like America, is stronger than he looks. He is also gifted with fast healing like the other countries, I imagine killing a nation must be really hard. Also, as a nation, Denmark has an extremely long lifespan, he's been around since forever and is considered one of the older countries. Other abilities included being able to drink huge amounts of alcohol with out tipping over.

First Person: Sample from Abax
Third Person: Another Abax sample it's done in brackets, but still written in 3rd person.

Here's this, just in case:

Well damn, this was not anywhere he imagined to be. What was this? Was he really in an area of Russia?! That somehow didn’t seem right, or something he really wanted. But here he was anyway, standing in an empty alleyway in nothing but the piece of clothing that was given to him, he really wished he had his original long heavy coat with him. He supposes he’d have to deal for now even though he didn’t really want to. It was too drafty, even for him, anyway.

Whatever the case may have been it didn't matter now, Denmark was confused and when he got confused he got loud. The people that gave him the cloak told him some very useful information, it was a shame he just walked out on them, he wasn’t known for being a very good listener to begin wth. This proved true when he asked several people where he was in a loud manner and they told him to keep it down, not taking what they said into heart of course. He came out of the alleyway and then made his way down the street into another district.

In reality it would have been easier for him to go find his apartment he was assigned to, but Denmark was efficient in other ways. Know his surroundings first, then settle down. It also would have helped had he known the exact apartment number, but he didn’t. Instead he jogged down to the shopping area and plastered his face against each window (sometimes startling some others in the process), he was sure one of these places must’ve been a pub of some sort. Luckily he had an emergency bottle with him just in case.

Aha! This had to be one!...Oh no, it was only a bread shop. He rubbed his head and looked down to the ground. Was he really going to make here without any beer?